Full automatic Micom is applicated
When the smog sensor detects pollution of the air, the Micom will automatically starts purification procedure due to pollution level.
Preinstalled Negative ion production function
Installed with Negative ion production function which produces more than 200,000 Negative ion, so called “Vitamin in the air”, purifier supplies fresher air
High performance filter
High performance filter eliminates 95% of dust in the air.
Low noise/high efficiency Motor
To improve the weak point of brush of conventional DC motor, brush-less DC motor with low noise and long life (10 time more than conventional DC motor) is applied.
High-bright LED stop Lamp
Break warning lamp is semipermanent high-bright LED and ensures remarkable durability compared to bulbs.
Filter exchange warning lamp
In general, users are recommended to exchange filter in certain period of time because there is no such function like this one. Our purifier is equipped with EEP ROM and it automatically accumulates operation hour and warns to exchange on certain point. This allows the exchange can made on time.
Aromatics are installed
Additional aromatics is installed and gives out fragrance with purified air.