State of R&D
Holding of Technical
Industrial Rights
Pu foaming system & technology(Insulation)
PU chip forming system & technology(Recycling foam)
HMC XD-CAR Isolation tunnel pad foaming system(Floor insulation)
Motor insulation for passenger car, commercial vehicle
- RV Splash shield(Mud guard)
- RV Top shield ass’y (Engine top)
HMC RD sedan,coupe Isolation tunnel pad (PU FOAM)
HMC X-3, LX,LZ,LC-CAR Isolation tunnel pad (CHIP FORM)
HMC RD COUPE (99 F/LIFT) Heavy layer (H/L ONLY)
Heat & Vacuum forming technology
PET Felt - Sound Absorbers
Door panel cloth, leather covering for luxury car
- HMC Dynasty,Grandeur XG, EF sonata, Kia B-3, Equus
- Ssangyong Chair-man, Korando
Pillar cloth covering technology
- HMC Dynasty, Grandeur XG, EF sonata, Equus
- Ssangyong Chair-man
Seat back panel & Parcel shelf covering technology
Injection molding for Interior trim
R+S Technik GmbH(Germany), Strategic alliance
- Kenboard, Kenboard air, Kenboard foam
Die-cutting system for anti-noise, anti-rattle pads
Laminating and coating system & technology
Nova foam* for commercial vehicle
PET/PU scrap recycling & forming technology
- HMC RV floor mat
Used part(Seat) recycling technology
Crushing system
Air purifier for passenger car(Vehicle Air Purification System)
- HMC EF sonata, Grandeur XG(Add-on type)
- HMC EF sonata, Grandeur XG(Add-on type)
- Built in type
Filtering system technology
- Combination filter
- Electrostatic filter
Deodorization technology